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Students of the Month

October Students of the Month 

Alexis McFarland has been chosen as student of the month for October for the seventh grade. Alexis is a quiet student who works hard in class. She wants to do her best in class and strives to achieve that. In her spare time, she enjoys reading books. She is also very competitive and does not like to lose when playing games. She is great to have in class and is fun to be around. Continue to keep pushing yourself in the classroom, Alexis, and keep up the great work
Selected by Mr. Kyle

Jesse Smock has been chosen as the October student of the month for the 8th grade class. Jesse comes to class each and every day with a positive attitude and eager to perform well in PE Class. Jesse's favorite activities so far in PE have been the circuit in the Weight Room and Dodgeball. Outside of school Jesse enjoys playing video games on his XBox with his favorite game being Code Vein. It has been a pleasure getting to know Jesse and I know he will keep up the great work in class
Selected by Mr. Travis Stangland

Sierra King has been selected as the October student of the month for the freshmen class. Sierra comes to class ready to work and always puts forth her best effort. You can always count on Sierra to participate in class discussions and to help out her classmates. When Sierra isn't in the classroom, she keeps herself involved in extra-curricular activities. Sierra is a member of the volleyball, archery, track & field, and softball teams. During her down time, Sierra enjoys spending time with her friends and family. After high school, Sierra hopes to work at a mental health facility as a staff member
Selected by Mrs. Shianna Fry 

I have chosen Jacob Ridgeway for student of the month. Jacob is a great student in class and always looks to succeed in everything he does. Jacob works well with his peers and always has a great attitude. One of the things that I appreciate the most about Jacob is that he doesn't hurry through any of his construction projects. Jacob is always focused on taking his time and making sure he does his best on every project. Jacob is a joy to have in class because of his attitude and his likable personality. I'm glad that I've had the opportunity to be Jacob's teacher and look forward to having him in my class the rest of the school year
Selected by Mr. Jerimy Stephan 

Libby Dalzell has been selected as the October student of the month for the junior class. Libby is always a smiling face to have in class and always brings a positive attitude. I have enjoyed having her so far this year in Algebra 2, where she has excelled as one of the top students in her class. While she performs well in school, Libby also finds time to play softball on both the school team and a travel ball team, volunteer at food pantries, attend youth group, as well as participate in several clubs at the school. After high school, Libby plans to attend Indiana Wesleyan University to study to be a dental hygienist. Keep up the good work, Libby
Selected by Mr. Jared Govin

Denise Campbell and Joseph Hosbrook have been chosen as the October co-students of the month for the senior class. Denise and Joseph have both been tremendous assets to the Randolph Southern Spirit Club. These two went above and beyond the past couple weeks to get everything ready for the Rebel Color Run/Walk. Outside of spirit club, Denise is also involved in basketball and after high school plans to attending IUE and majoring in nursing. Joseph is involved in cross country, baseball, 4H, SADD, and Archery outside of spirit club. After high school, Joseph plans to join the United States Marine Corps. These two will continue to do great things in the future!

September Students of the Month 

Antony Galvez has been chosen as the September student of the month for the seventh grade class. Antony’s ability to adapt and his willingness to learn new things have impressed me so much! Despite the language barrier, Antony has taken on some big challenges and is eager to keep learning, practicing and growing. His sense of humor has begun to flourish in my classes as well and I’m excited to see where his wit, intelligence and talents will take him. Estoy super orgullosa de ti Antony, ¡sigue adelante y ya verás como harás grandes cosas!                                                                                                                                                                              Selected by Mrs. Randi Durbin

Coltin Gingerich is Randolph Southern’s 8th grade student of the month for September. Coltin always comes to class prepared and puts great effort into his school work. He works well with others and is quite polite, except when he’s faking me out on high fives. In his spare time Coltin plays video games, shoots guns, and takes care of his horses. I am looking forward to a great rest of the year with Coltin!
                                                                                                                                                                   Selected by Mr. Nick Miller

Kaibre Stephan has been chosen as the September freshman student of the month. Kaibre is a hardworking, determined, and proficient student. She comes to class ready to learn and eager to perform well. She also brings with her a friendly disposition and a delightful sense of humor. Kaibre is a well-rounded student who participates in a wide range of activities including volleyball, basketball, RS Student Council, and the Spirit Club. She is always eager to learn and contented to help others. She is sure to have a successful future.
                                                                                                                                                                   Selected by Mrs. Sarah Reed

Blake Baldwin has been chosen as the September sophomore student of the month. Blake is a diligent student who is eager to learn and perform well in class. This is his first year at Southern and while he participates in class daily I see him in the halls being a good role model for other students. Outside of class Blake likes to play basketball and baseball. Blake, it is great to have you at RS this year and I know you will be a great role model for your peers. Keep up the great work!
                                                                                                                                                                   Selected by Mrs. Brittany Cash

Haylee Pennington has been chosen as the September Randolph Southern junior student of the month. Haylee comes to class with a friendly greeting and a pleasant smile. She consistently works toward her classroom goals and puts effort towards accomplishing them. Haylee puts her positive attitude and upbeat personality to use. She is a Randolph Southern varsity cheerleader, and her dedication has earned her the honor of being named co-captain of her squad. Haylee was also on the varsity Lady Rebel volleyball team. Have a fantastic year, Haylee!
                                                                                                                                                                  Selected by Mrs. Sarah Reed

Geneva Preston has been chosen as the September student of the month for the senior class. Geneva has been working very hard in chemistry class this year. She is always on task and completing her work in a timely manner. Geneva intends to study nursing in college and she recognizes the importance of chemistry in her future endeavors. Good luck and keep up the good work Geneva!
                                                                                                                                                                 Selected by Mr. John Lash

August Students of the Month 

Zane Donham is the seventh grade student of the month for Randolph Southern. Zane is a hard worker and very polite in class. He is never afraid to ask questions or volunteer. Zane is involved 4-H and joined FFA this year. He also likes to go to tractor pulls and ride dirt bikes and 4-wheelers. Zane is a joy to have in class and I look forward to getting to know him better as the year goes on.  
                                                      Selected by Mrs. Chelsea Pruitt

Duncan Thomas has been chosen as Randolph Southern’s Student of the Month for the 8th grade class. Duncan always does his best in class. I call him my “unsung hero” in class because he is so good at doing what he needs to be doing, but does it quietly as not to draw attention to himself.  He is an amazing young man and I am excited to see what all he accomplishes. 
                                                      Selected by Mrs. Kay Brown

The first Randolph Southern freshman student of the month for the 2019-2020 school year is Stacey Glunt. Stacey is an excellent student with a promising future. She has begun her high school academic journey with exceptional results. Not only does Stacey shine in the classroom, but she is also an important member of our high school band. After school, she devotes her time to the Lady Rebel volleyball team. Randolph Southern is lucky to call this talented freshman a Rebel. Have a tremendous year, Stacey! 
                                                      Selected by Mrs. Sarah Reed

This month Mrs. Cash has chosen Kennedy Bowlin as sophomore student of the month. Kennedy has come into class each day with a positive attitude and incredible energy for learning. She participates and engages herself in her learning. We are currently reading a novel and she has, in her own time, researched more information about the main characters because she has found the book so interesting. While English class is her favorite and she loves to write, Kennedy also loves to play volleyball and is in her 7th year of 4-H. Keep up the positive attitude and energy, Kennedy!      
                                                    Selected by Mrs. Brittany Cash

Devin Gates is the junior student of the month for Randolph Southern. Devin has proven to be a hard working student this year in the classroom. I have never had Devin in class before and it has been a great pleasure to work with him. I know he will become one of the class leaders during this school year.
                                                   Selected by Ms. Tammy Clements

Kalee Hayes has been chosen as Randolph Southern’s student of the month for the senior class for the month of August. Kalee is always a smiling face to have in class and stands out as a hard worker and an exceptional student. Kalee balances her academic life with basketball and cross country at the school. Outside of school, Kalee is also involved in 4H and serves as a volunteer for fire and EMS training. After High School, Kalee plans to attend college to pursue a career as an athletic trainer. Keep up the good work, Kalee!
                                                  Selected by Mr. Jared Govin